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When you create your chapbook, or if you are lucky enough to get published by a reputable chapbook press, be sure to make it an event! No matter how humble, even if it’s just friends and family, take the time to celebrate and mark the occasion. 

Aug 1802: Chapbook Created in a Dark Closet.

Maybe you will be famous, infamous, or you will die in some spectacular way that will make the whole world interested in your life. Who knows? Whatever happens, your chapbook should outlive you. Treat it with respect. Mark the creation date. Put it in the hands of chapbook lovers who will keep it and pass it on to other chapbook lovers. Old chapbooks have value. Eventually, yours will too. Your chapbook can live forever.  

Don’t forget to donate copies to your college library, local library, and anywhere you think they might index it. Even if you think they might not care, it’s worth trying.