I’m Chapbook Girl, a name I acquired in college, but one that I gladly embrace. I absolutely love chapbooks. I like making them, writing them, and most of all, I enjoy giving them away as gifts. I’ve been on a tight budget most of my life, and chapbooks have been a great way to give something wonderful to others without breaking the bank!

Chapbooks can be professionally published or you can make one yourself!

This website is my way of encouraging the craft of chapbook making. I have included links to various videos that will help anyone learn how to create a chapbook using whatever tools you may already possess. Anyone can learn. It’s both easy and fun.

I also include a list of professional Chapbook Publishers. If you have a collection of stories or poems you hope to get professionally published in chapbook form, you can submit your work to a chapbook publisher. Maybe one of them will agree to publish you!