Binding a Chapbook with a Sewing Machine

Sewn bindings can be done by hand, but a good old-fashioned sewing machine works too. You should know that there are high-end binders that sew pages quickly. Those are very expensive and not used much anymore.

If you want to sew binding using a sewing machine, be sure to use a sturdy needle and have a few extras handy. It’s suggested that you use eye protection. In this video, the artist moves very slowly. If you have fewer pages, you can sew faster.

Embroidery thread is really best for this. Also, consider thread that contrasts with your page color, or even choose shiny thread for a more custom look.

Sewing Chapbooks by Hand

Constructing Chapbooks in small numbers is very easy. One of the most popular binds uses hand-sewn construction.

This small video explains the technique. Be sure to use a heavy thread, and fold the paper well, using a bone folder or smooth object. Hand-sewn books aren’t good for more than a few pages.